The firm is developing a vast amicable, contentious and arbitral dispute resolution practice. Our lawyers work alongside our clients from the pre-litigation stage (negotiations, settlement), advising them in the implementation of amicable dispute resolution methods (conciliation, mediation) and accompanying them throughout proceedings before the civil, commercial or arbitration courts.

Our team also has extensive experience in investigations and proceedings before regulatory authorities (in particular, the French financial markets regulator) and represents the interests of our clients in complex stock market litigation.

All our lawyers have a dual capacity for advice and litigation, which enables them to better understand our clients’ issues and to take a strategic approach to litigation.

  • Stock market litigation and French market regulator investigations
  • Acquisition litigation (breakdown of negotiations, disagreement on price determination, enforcement of warranties, etc.)
  • Conflicts between shareholders and directors' liability
  • Complex commercial disputes (termination of established commercial relationships, disparagement, commercial parasitism etc.) 
  • Arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution methods